What is this blog about?
Lots of things. I try to mastly make you laugh, but if that dosen't
work then at least you have something to lave AT.

Why are you running this blog?
If I'm going to be unproductive I may as well amuse someone
in the process. And also it's fun.

I want to tell all my friends how awesome you are! How
am I supposed to do this?
Use the widgets on the side ->
Or you can just send them to insanityvalve.blogspot.com

I want to give you a bazillion dollars. How?
Donate it to some charity.
I don't need your money!

When do you update?
Monday, Wednesday, Friday and sometimes other times.
(But not really.)

What Do You Use To Draw These Horrid Pictures?
I use Microsoft Paint. I've got GIMP too, but MSP is just so much easier.

Can I Use Your Pictures Or Post Them Somewhere Else?
Sure! Just give credit where credit is due and such. And if the URL is
on it, don't take it off. I usually forget to put it on though. Ah well.

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