Friday, July 27, 2012

Well Then...

     Got back around 6:00 last night. So now, starting Monday, the posts will be somewhat reliable. I promise a nice lengthy post about Emus and Cowboys in the near future.
I also made a little banner so you can show everyone how much you hate- I mean love my blog. Because there are only 4 views on this site a day, and half of those are from the searches for pictures of all the Avatar Elements in spanish. So if you, reader, stumble across this site-- share it! Please?
Ill post the banners when Ive got the vertical one done as well.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Well my "Vacation" has been unexpectedly extended. Probably coming home before Friday, but...

Friday, July 20, 2012

Something(s) To Think About

Hi! I'm not here right now, so while I cant give you complete entertainment, I've come up with some things for you to do:
-Leave a comment! Anywhere! Please?
Miiiind Flip
-Tell someone about this Blog!
-Answer these following questions:
   1. (Yes/No) ______ English is confusing.
   2. What happens if a Boo looks in a mirror?
   3. If you're shipping Styrofoam, what do you pack it in?
-How many page views can I get over the weekend?

And here's some sites to keep you entertained:  (Webcomic) (Webcomic) (Webcomic) (Webcomic)

Have fun with entertainment!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

How To Avoid An Angry Mob

Uh-oh. Hes wearing a red shirt
    Are ye one of the unlucky lads the is always getting yeself(?) into trouble?
Here are some tips for ye!

1. Try to store ye pitchfork, torch, and green robes somewhere near a turn about.. You can run out of sight of the mob and change, then pretend to be one with the mob and hide right under their noses!
2. Try to make merry with the local bartender. Give him a large tip or the like, and if the deed is merry enough, he will hide ye from thy followers.
3. Visit ye local alchemist and request a special mixture. Pay him extra to keep it secret. Ye must request a special mixture of:
   3 hand of water, heated of the fire
   2 length of smooth rock, mixed into fine powder
   4 bowls of  damp mud from ye swamplands.
When yonder ingrediants are mixed in the proper order, it will create a substance called "Conkreet".
No ye must ask also ye local smithy to make ye a dome, as tall as ye are wide twice over. Ye must request ye smithy to then pound it with his hammer in various locations, causing yonder sphere to become rough.
When ye alchemist is done and ye smithy is done, ye may coat the underside of ye dome with ye Conkreet, making sure to leave plenty of room in thy dome.
Leave the mixture for twenty days, and then you shall take it out of ye dome-mold, and place it on the side of high-road. When yonder mob is chasing ye, ye must simply hide in thy dome until yonder mob is passed, and they will take no notice, as they ponder it is large boulder, and probably cursed.
4. Try to talk ye king or other ruler into banning mobs. Be sure to make merry with him, and make many-a-compliment about his kingly beard. (Ye kings love thy beard-themed compliments!) He will grant ye request and ye mobsters will mob ye no more.
5. Ye should try to avoid inciting the wrath of thy mobsters in thy beginning. One would think a lad as clever as ye would have thought if this by now!

Cross your fingers and hope that auto-update works, as I wont be here to manually update...

Monday, July 16, 2012


And also I changed the layout. The map says "Caribana" on it, which I'm sure means its pirate themed.
And also I changed the favicon.
The Favicon
I'm quite proud. I think maybe I'll do a banner too, with the rainbow horizontal instead of diagonal and have the words "  INSANITY VALVE " going across it.
Edit: I added the header. I like it!
Edit-inside-of-an-edit: Changed the theme so it blends with the header/logo thing more. I like it alot, though theres no more Caribana/pirate. There is a bird named Paul though; watch out, he might bite!
I-Dont-Even-Know-what-to-call-this-edit: I tweaked the pages. Made them smaller.

Just so you know (NOT a blog post)

Sunday, July 15, 2012

5 Reasons Lego Minifigs Live In a Cold Place

Lego minifigs, also called minifigures, are the main inhabitants of the Lego world. Heres some reasons they most likely live in a much cooler climate:
1. They have long sleeves.
Have you ever seen one where the colour dosent take up the whole body? It must get pretty hot.
2. Theyre made of plastic. Their world is made out of plastcc. Trust me, plastic and heat doesnt mix.
3. They always smile. I would smile if I didnt live in a desert too.
4. The hair. Their hair is always thick- the plastic wigs could chip a tooth their so dense.
5. The gloves. Lots of the hands arent the *ahem* 'natural yellow colour, indicating the use of gloves.
Um. Thats it. More entertaining posts Wednesday.
And yes, I posted this Sunday instead of Monday. Only six hours off!
Even more proof.

Friday, July 13, 2012


I had a post planned aboutt angry mobs but its raining
 Is it raining where you live? If so go enjoy the rain. If not, I hear Engand gets lits of rain this time of year. Go there

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Colouring Of Fireworks

Hello. Its Wednesday!
Am I the only one that says."wed-ness-day" when I say that? Its fun
 You should try it.
Anyways, because of the Fourth of July, I was thinking about fireworks. Theyre very pretty, arent they? With all the BOOMS and colours and BOOMS
(And did I mention the BOOMS?)
So most people sit back and think "Well thats just darn pretty!"
I think "How do they make them so darn pretty?"
So when I finished mourning the deaths of the fireworks, I, yessir, indeed, you better bieleve it, I googled it. So I came across a wikipedia artice listing the things used to make the different colours. I thought the, uh... "one... two... three. Three!" People that view my blg regularly might be interested in it. (But really. Tell your friends!) So here you are, sorry no pictures:

Aluminum Silver-white
Barium Green
Calcium Orange (And its healthy!)
Cesium Indigo
Copper Blue-Green & Yellow
Iron Yellow
Pottassium Violet-Pink
Lithium Red
Magnesium White
Titanium Silver

So yeah. Go impress your friennds with the knowledge that Barium makes things green!
And then tell them where you learned it!

Sunday, July 8, 2012


Sorry no post Wedsndayand Friday. I wrote a couple posts and caught u on things. Ive got a good post about rocks for wedsnday though it might be a little late. The auto update dosent seem to be working.
In the mean time (I dont get it. Why is the time meann?)
Please enjoy this indifferent man holding a gun.

Monday, July 2, 2012

5 Things you can do with a rubber chicken.

I now present to you...
Don't have a rubber chicken? You can pick one up here!