Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Colouring Of Fireworks

Hello. Its Wednesday!
Am I the only one that says."wed-ness-day" when I say that? Its fun
 You should try it.
Anyways, because of the Fourth of July, I was thinking about fireworks. Theyre very pretty, arent they? With all the BOOMS and colours and BOOMS
(And did I mention the BOOMS?)
So most people sit back and think "Well thats just darn pretty!"
I think "How do they make them so darn pretty?"
So when I finished mourning the deaths of the fireworks, I, yessir, indeed, you better bieleve it, I googled it. So I came across a wikipedia artice listing the things used to make the different colours. I thought the, uh... "one... two... three. Three!" People that view my blg regularly might be interested in it. (But really. Tell your friends!) So here you are, sorry no pictures:

Aluminum Silver-white
Barium Green
Calcium Orange (And its healthy!)
Cesium Indigo
Copper Blue-Green & Yellow
Iron Yellow
Pottassium Violet-Pink
Lithium Red
Magnesium White
Titanium Silver

So yeah. Go impress your friennds with the knowledge that Barium makes things green!
And then tell them where you learned it!


  1. So those elements actually catch fire? I guess its the infused with the ignition powder (gunpowder?) Hm. Learn something new everyday.