Sunday, July 15, 2012

5 Reasons Lego Minifigs Live In a Cold Place

Lego minifigs, also called minifigures, are the main inhabitants of the Lego world. Heres some reasons they most likely live in a much cooler climate:
1. They have long sleeves.
Have you ever seen one where the colour dosent take up the whole body? It must get pretty hot.
2. Theyre made of plastic. Their world is made out of plastcc. Trust me, plastic and heat doesnt mix.
3. They always smile. I would smile if I didnt live in a desert too.
4. The hair. Their hair is always thick- the plastic wigs could chip a tooth their so dense.
5. The gloves. Lots of the hands arent the *ahem* 'natural yellow colour, indicating the use of gloves.
Um. Thats it. More entertaining posts Wednesday.
And yes, I posted this Sunday instead of Monday. Only six hours off!
Even more proof.

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