Saturday, June 23, 2012

A Penguin and a Polar Bear.

I'm posting this because I decided yesterdays post
was not sufficient enough. So I will post a story.
I am sorry for your bleeding retinas.

There once was a penguin name Adam. This penguin
absolutely loved his flamethrower he had bought over the
Arctic Wide Web. He was the hero of the North Pole.
He protected the group of penguins from the evil
walrus. Walri. Wallyruses.  Walruses. They were no match
for Adam "The flamthrower" Penguin. His fury and
flame were like no others. He was quite Savage.
He was a celebrated hero of the penguins, though
occasionally he burns the other penguins.

   Now on a nearby glacier, the polar bears roamed. On this
glacier, there was a secret polar bear meeting. The
bears wanted the penguin glacier for themselves,
but they had eard of Adams weapon od mass destruction
and they knew they needed something as geat as his
flamethrower. They knew what they had to buy.

   Back at the penguin glacier, they were preparing for
war. They sharpened their beaks and oiled their fish cannons, and Adam filled his flamethrower. as the Polar Bears advanced, the penguins stepped aside, giving Adam a clear path. Much to the amazement of the penguins, the Polar Bears did the same, unvieling a polar bear wielding... a chainsaw. It was an Epic battle of great awe and wonder. I will not bore you woth the details. Anyways, the moral of this story is "If you give two rival creatures cool things, cool things will happen." PS the penguins won and exiles the polar bears to the ther side of the globe.

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