Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Why I do NOT Like Apostrophes

Is that even an apostrophe? 
I do not like apostrophes. They are extremely useless- it says here that an apostrophe is used to "abreviate things" and the like. check out the link...
Read it? Good.

Ok, so I can see why you would create something like that. But...

If you are combing the words Do, and Not, because you are too lazy to use them together, the official English way is "Don't". You put the cursed little apostrophe there so you know that you took out a letter, much unlike all those other "Donts".
There are no other "Donts", be them with or without apostrophes.
So why in the world do you need to remember that you took out a single letter? When combining the words
"do" and "not" do you really need to tell people that you fired O number 2? I think they will know what you are trying to convey with "Dont" because its not that much different from "Don't". You do NOT need to tell people that you took out a letter, they will figure it out on their own!
(And did I mention how many points I've gotten off of essays for not using that darned '? Its so small!)
PS: I'm sorry if you have a love for apostrophes. Please forgive me.
PPS: I'm going to try updating Mon. Wed. and Fri as early as I can. Mondays was really late.
PPPS: "PS" Stands for "Post Script" In case you weren't wondering.
PPPPS: I am such a hypocrite, look at all those apostrophes ^
PPPPPS: I have nothing to say here, I just wanted to continue the Christmas tree of Posts and Scripts.
III                         Oh look, a tree trunk!

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