Sunday, September 16, 2012

Fish Homework Week

Apologues for lack of content. Dr. Who Homework has been taking up lots of my time, but thats OK; Ive figured out how to put homework and blogging together.

Not just drawing, either. Need to write about an animal for english? Write of the wonders of fish! Need to write up a math equation for Math? f/i+s(h). Random doodling? Fish. Art class? Draw a fish. Comunications Class? Write of the Babel fish! I think you can see where Im going with this.
The point is to make teachers confused, so that when they compare notes at the great secret underground teachers organization (Ever wonder how teachers all know eachother?) they get very confused. "Why is everyone drawing fish?" they will wonder.
Also, it keeps me motivated. Fish are fun to draw!
Really. Go draw fish. Now.

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