Monday, September 24, 2012

Smith & Edwards

So, Over the weekend I went to Utah.
In Utah, there is a wonderful store called "Smith & Edwards".
They. Have. Everything.
There is a whole room dedicated to just ropes. Big ropes little ropes, red ropes, blue ropes, rainbow ropes, etc. I'll give you a little "tour" (Though it's more of me showing you things that I thought were cool).

 So the first thing you see is a tank. There is a real gash dang tank outside the store. I'm not sure why. But HEY, TANKS ARE FUN.

 There's this nice little aisle with all kinds of animals, including...
Dead animals

Fake animals.
(Or animals considered to be fake. Unicorns are totally real!)

There's also a huge... block of pins and thing's from the military.

Don't you know? It's rude to chop on tubs with machetes! 

                                                              Lots of paint...

And tons and tons of candy.

What more could you really wan't?

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