Monday, November 5, 2012

The "Very x7 Long Post" Followup

So I posted this awhile ago, and my only explanation was

Got bored. Drew this. Hid things. Video games. Movies. Good luck. 'Nuff said.
You may have to zoom in a bit. Ctrl+Scrolling should do nicely.

And now that I look at it I guess it wasn't very clear, so I went ahead and am going to tell you what I hid.
I found the things that I hid from the top of the picture to the bottom, and the ones that were upside-down I flipped for you.
The numbers on the picture match the numbers before the explanation.
You're welcome.

1. The little blue thing is from Portal, specifically Portal 2, where you end up shooting a portal at the moon.

Here's a picture to the portal in-game

2. Hopefully you recognize this one.
It's the little Question Block from Mario.

If you didn't get this one straight away it's probably because of my horrid drawing.

3. This one is Mj√∂lnirThor's hammer.

Pretty self explanatory.

4. This one may not be recognizable to very many people, but it's the TARDIS, from the popular show called Doctor Who.  

5. This one is a pickax from the PC (And now Xbox!) game Minecraft.

It is laying upside down.

6. This one's another Mario reference, and hopefully another one that you'll get.
It's the Warp Pipe.

7. This one is just a UFO.

Edit: Woops, I forgot one! There is also the house from up at the very top of the picture.

There's also the treasure chest next to Mjolnir, and the dinosaur bones, but those ones were super obvious and weren't really related to any video game or movie.
Oh well.

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