Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Subscribe Button Added!

While I was looking at my page views, and I realized it shows me my subscribers. 
...And that I don't have any subscribers on this blog. Why is that? I don't even use my other blog. This one has way more views, too. Maybe the "Subscribe" button is messed up?
   So I go to check it, and... I didn't have one. So I felt really stupid, and went ahead and added one. Only it isn't really a button.
You put your E-mail in, and it E-mails you everytime I upload a post (like this one). I put my E-mail in just to test it out, and it's pretty nice. It's a pre-scripted widget from Blogger (Therefore, by Google) so it isn't like I just copied and pasted some random code into an HTML widget. (Or is that a HTML widget?) from some random sight that will steal your E-mail and maybe your soul. 
So I just figured I'd point out that it was there, and that I also feel incredibly stupid that I didn't put one there in the first place. So I'm sure that's cost my plenty of subs. 

Oh well.

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