Sunday, December 9, 2012

XKCD: Click And Drag Amazingness.

(Shut up, spell-check. I know amazingness isn't a word.)
Not much of a post today, but I just wanted to put this XKCD here.
So this is probably the coolest XKCD ever.
First off, some insight.
XKCD has a thing where if you mouse over their comics, some little text comes up usually containing another joke inside the comic. (The only example I can think of is if you mouse over the new tab button in Google Chrome, it says "New Tab". I guess you could just go see what I mean by looking at the comic though. Oh well)
So when you mouse over the one above, you are prompted to "Click And Drag"
Upon doing so, you are gifted with a very wonderful thing:
It moves.
Upon first inspection, it is a nice little  drag-around world. But after playing around with it for maybe 30-45 minutes, I realized that it is really, really BIG. REALLY BIG.
Here's the drag-around thing in just one really small picture:
See that little dot of red?
That's the amount of the picture you can see on the screen at a time.


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