Thursday, December 20, 2012

Tsk Tsk, A Thursday Post?

I have not been posting, have? And then when I DO It's on a Thursday. My my, I need to catch up, eh?
Ah well. Tomorrow's the last day before Winter Vacation and we had kind of a testing week, as well as a band concert and things right before break. Busy week, but I should have some content up (Woohoo!) soon, as in maybe even tomorrow. In the meantime, go outside.
Just kidding, stay inside. It's cold outside. Bathe in the warmth of your monitor.
I'm also thinking about changing up the Logo/Favicon (The Favicon ((The "Icon" by the URL)) is the only place I really use the Logo anyways...) because it looks bad. We'll see how lazy I am when I remember it.
Here's a picture I whipped together really fastbecause I feel guilty that this post is so short.

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