Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Arizona Crayons

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    So, a couple days ago, my family went to Arizona (Oh, and I went too).
In case you didn't know, its really, really hot in Arizona, the lowest being around 90 (Fahrenheit) And the highest around 120.

So. My little brother (4yrs-ish) has this huge Avengers coloring book; he's really into superheroes, and his new favorite thing is to run across the street, in a pose somewhat like this, and yell "I CAN MAKE IT", believing he can, indeed, "make it". So far, he has made it, but he gets in some big trouble.

Anyways, whats a colouring book without crayons? He needed crayons, so he brought some. Long story short, if crayons sit in a little metal container in a hot car in Arizona, they will melt. For sure. And this is exactley what they did. So I thought I might post some pictures of said crayon-clump.

Yep, it's solid

Still work pretty well though.

So I saw this mass of whatever-crayons-are-made-out-of and figured It would be pretty funny. Is it?

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