Tuesday, August 7, 2012

NASA- 'Curiosity'

In case you missed it, there was a bonus post Tuesday. Go check it out!
   As some of you may have heard, NASAs Rover, dubbed "Curiosity", landed last Sunday on Mars. Curiosity was launched on Nov. 26 last year, and has just now arrived on Mars.
Radiation Assessment Detector Curiosity's mission is to gather data to see if life on Mars is possible.
One of the instruments shown is the "Radiation Assessment Detector", (Right).
It is used to, (believe it or not), detect and assess radiation! WHAT A SURPRISE!
The RAD (As NASA calls it. Dang they love their acronyms.) does what it does because they need to see if it would be safe for an astronaut to make the 1.6 yr trip to mars, what kind of protection they would need, what kind of superpowers they would gain, etc.
There's also a variety of cameras and drills for obvious reasons.
 Weighing as much as a car, it looks pretty cool:


In fact, some of it's first pictures have already been "beamed" back. heres one:

AAAH! an alien! Just kidding, that's Curiosity's'  shadow
For more information: Banana!

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