Thursday, August 16, 2012

Funny Thoughts About Flying Really Quickly Into Space

   Just a funny thought I had about planets and flying into space really quickly.
First, two things: Gravity, and centrifugal force.
Gravity is when a small object is attracted to a bigger one, i.e. little arthropods attracted to large mounds of rock. Gravity is the reason we don't just fly away as the earth is spinning at around  1,038 MPH (At the equator). Because the earth has greater mass than us, we are pulled towards it.

Centrifugal force is when you spin something and it pushes outwards, which is why when you spin a bucket with your hand then the water dosent fall out, or why those spinning things on playgrounds are so fun.
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"Look ma: SCIENCE!"

So if the world is spinning fast, why do we not fly really quickly into space? Because of gravity. Why do we have gravity? Because the earth is big.  So what if the earth was smaller? The Earth is already 'stretched' because of the constant spinning, making it an oblong shape.

So baasically, if the Earth keeps spinning, it will eventually cause bits and pieces of earth to fly off, decrasing mass until the gravity isnt strong enough to hold us down. THIS HAS BEEN A MEANINGLESS LECTURE ON SCIENCE I DONT UNDERSTAND. NEXT WEEK: IF EVERYTHING WAS BASED OFF OF GOLDFISH. Also, 600 pageviews. wooh! 600 pgviews! That means that in every 7,000,000 people, 7 will know about this blog! PROGRESS.

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